Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Sabercore23 Book Cover Artist

Book Cover Artist Spotlight

Sabercore23 Art Studio specializes in,but it's not limited to, book cover artwork for the Horror, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi genres.



Breathtakingly beautiful pre-made (ready to print and use) or custom design book cover artwork by Wendy Muchlis, artist, freelance illustration, and digital photomanipulation art. Wendy has a dark art style and has been used by authors and publishers across the globe.

Gallery Showcase Examples


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If you choose Sabercore23 Art Studio for your book cover design, please Email me, and I will do a blog feature on your book for one of our weekly Author Spotlights! 

*** All artwork displayed on this blog post is copyrighted by Wendy Muchlis, 
Sabercore23 Art Studio.

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